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iGift4u for Facebook, Twitter, SMS, MMS All-in-1 - Apple iPhone and iPod Touch App Promo Codes to Giveaway Twitter
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Apple iPhone and iPod Touch app promo codes to giveaway for the Social Networking app iGift4u courtesy of SiVola, LLC, register if you haven’t already done so or log in to enter this giveaway and we will randomly select 25 people and email an app promo code to you.

If you also leave a comment below saying why you should have this app or create a link back to this post from other sites on the internet you will be given added priority to receive an app promo code.  This Giveaway ends on the 13th May 2010, Good Luck!

iGift4u, the one app to make your iPhone social. What's great about the iPhone is that: If you want to post a video from YouTube to Facebook, Twitter or even SMS... There is one app for that.

If you want to share your location or send an SMS with it... There is one app for that. If you want to send virtual flowers or kisses via MMS... There is one app for that. If you want to have inspiring quotes to make your status updates catchy and interesting... There is one app for that.

If you want to post or MMS any image you can find on the web... There is one app for that. If you want to share the music you are listening or the lyrics... There is one app for that.

If you want to check your Facebook friends birthday calendar and send a gift... There is one app for that. If you want to read the latest news and then share them... There is one app for that.

If you want to post your pictures and know how many people viewed them... There is one app for that.

If you want to use emoticons on Facebook, Twitter and MMS... There is one app for that. If you want to add symbols and make your messages more stylish... There is one app for that.

If you want to search and then share any web link... There is one app for that. If you want to read funny jokes and share them with friends... There is one app for that. yep, there is one app for just about anything: iGift4u, making the iPhone social.

iGift4u is the "All-in-one" app to for Facebook, Twitter, MMS, SMS and email! WINNER of 2009 Best App Ever Award for Social Networking! 14 incredible apps packaged in one at the lowest possible price. 

  1. Symbols + dılɟ + IMPRΣSS, ՏմɾԹɾíՏҽ your friends with the largest and cutest selection of symbols ☼ ∞ ♪♫ for your Facebook & Twitter posts, SMS, or e-mail. Flip you message or use the styles to make your posts unique: ʇxǝʇ uʍop-ǝpısdn ɥʇıʍ spuǝıɹɟ ɹnoʎ ǝsıɹdɹnS. Try it with SMS!
  2. Quick Status Save your commonly used status and update your social networks without typing! Great for SMS too!
  3. Quotes app Pick among over 25,000 inspiring quotes to get tons of comments on your updates. Organized by Category, Authors or Keywords with search capability.
  4. YouTube Search, preview and post YouTube videos: a music video, an "Happy Birthday" song, a movie trailer, a sport play, whatever fun you find on YouTube. Or your own video uploaded to YouTube from your iPhone!
  5. Music Player Read the lyrics while playing your songs or watch the related music videos from YouTube. Search any lyrics by entering artist and title. Check the Top 50 charts for Music Singles, Album and Videos from iTunes to get the latest hits. Buy the songs directly from the app! Share what you are listening to or the lyrics.
  6. My Location Share your current location with your friends or family, so they can join you wherever you are: the map of your location will be added to your messages. Snap a picture and add the map to it: the picture PLUS the map will be posted.
  7. Virtual Gifts The most beautiful Collection of Virtual Gifts to make your posts more colorful, fun and entraining! Over 1,000 amazingly breathtaking images and realistic icons organized in categories (Flowers, Kisses, Girls, Guys, Drinks, Animals, Balloons) or events: Birthday, Love, Friendship, Wedding, Baby Born, Celebration and any holidays (Valentine's day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc.)
  8. Birthdays Check the birthday calendar of your Facebook friends, so you will never miss one again! Then, go back to the Collection and send a beautiful gift to celebrate it!
  9. Emoticons app Select incredibly fun emoticons from the Collection to visually describe your mood and express your feelings.
  10. Web Search Search the web, browse and share any link with a tap.
  11. Image Search A picture is worth thousand words! Search the web for the right image to go with your post: a city landscape to send as a postcard, the banner of the team you are cheering for, that actor/actress you love and just any image you can find on the web!
  12. Jokes Enjoy the funniest jokes and share them with your friends! Select the category, share one or save it as favorite.
  13. News Check the latest news from Bing and share them: Entertainment, Sport, Business, World, Science, Health and much more
  14. Pictures Take a picture with your iPhone camera or pick an existing ones and share it right away. And, only with iGift4u, check how many people watched it! Post any of the above content on your Facebook wall or update your Twitter status. Or do both at the same time with a single tap! You can also post it on Pages and Groups or directly to your Twitter followers.

For a quick overview of the app check out this video.

Once you have downloaded the app, please take a few moments to rate/review this application in the AppStore. We'd also love to hear stories of how much you want or even enjoyed this app so do leave a comment below 

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Developer/Publisher: SiVola, LLC
Price of Application: $0.99 [BUY NOW]
App Support: Click Here
Website: Click Here
App Release Date: 18/07/2009
Languages: English
Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
Hardware/Software Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and requires iPhone OS 3.0

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