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Audio Dictionary - WordWeb American English - Apple iPhone and iPod Touch App Promo Codes to Giveaway Twitter
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Apple iPhone and iPod Touch app promo codes to giveaway for the reference app Audio dictionary - WordWeb American English courtesy of WordWeb Software, register if you haven’t already done so or log in to enter this giveaway and we will randomly select 40 people and email an app promo code to you. This Giveaway ends on the 4th December 2009, Good Luck!

WordWeb is a comprehensive English dictionary with full offline audio pronunciations. It has a fast easy-to-use interface, with intelligent word suggestion and spelling hints.

Features include:

  • Full up-to-date English dictionary
  • Fuzzy lookup with spelling and sounds-like suggestions
  • Synonyms, similar words and many usage examples
  • 285 000 words, phrases and derived forms
  • 225 000 word sense definitions
  • 70 000 professionally-recorded audio pronunciations
  • 85 000 easy-to-understand text pronunciations
  • Fast pattern-matching search (*, ?, vowel, consonant, select word types)
  • Includes many proper nouns, compounds and phrases
  • Bookmarks, recent and random words
  • Full coverage of American, British, Canadian, Australasian and Asian English
  • Works offline
  • Cross-reference to other offline and online references

Once you have downloaded the app, please take a few moments to rate this application on the AppStore. We'd love to hear stories of how much you enjoyed this app

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Developer/Publisher: WordWeb Software
Price of Application: $4.99 [BUY NOW]
App Support: Click Here
Website: Click Here
App Release Date: 06/11/2009
Languages: English
Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
Hardware/Software Requirements: - Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices. - For audio you need the ringer turned on.

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Giveaway Ended

The Lucky Winners of this Giveaway are:
deanna Garebear459
creelcamping peterapokotos
kathyrad Bscriv
chanmancan confer52
jendiv panders13
muteKevin APVangeliLMS
lomarica edtrang
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Addime Weatherguy
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