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abcDJ Splatter edition 3.0 - Apple iPhone and iPod Touch App Promo Codes to Giveaway Twitter
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Apple iPhone and iPod Touch app promo codes to giveaway for the Music app abcDJ Splatter edition 3.0 courtesy of Sanken System Co Ltd., register if you haven’t already done so or log in to enter this giveaway and we will randomly select 30 people and email an app promo code to you. This Giveaway ends on the 20th February 2010, Good Luck!

abcDJ Splatter edition for serious DJs like you! The most comprehensive turntable based DJ equipment ever on iPhone/iPod Touch!

This Splatter edition is specially redesigned for DJs on full of Blood! abcDJ consists of 5 main components.

  1. Analog Player 1
  2. Analog Player 2 These 2 players can play songs you have sent from your PC. Real time pitch controls. Super realistic scratches. Turn tables are individually Start and Stop by pushing their power buttons. So you can either play song on a player or scratch only on the other player alternatively. Tap wifi icon to start a server then follow the instruction shown on your screen. It tells you how to upload your song from your PC to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Tap note icon to select a song you want to play on a turntable. Turn a motor on and move an arm.
  3. CD Player It plays your songs in your iPod library. Turn power on your CD player. By tapping eject button, you can choose any music in your iPod library.
  4. Effects Over 50 builtin effect sounds like horns, guns, car crash and so on. You can sound more than two sounds simultaneously.
  5. Mixer You can mix above 4 sound sources independently. Also you can cross fade these 2 analog players sounds. And it works as you are playing real DJ tools.

Note: Network connection is required for both your iPhone/iPod Touch and your PC/Mac and they must be reachable each other to upload songs from your PC/Mac. Checkout the introduction video on YouTube. Also another video on YouTube to introduce what is new on Version2.0 

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On 3.0 we have made superb additional features:

  • Far better mixing experience for a split cable users.
  • User interfaces are refined for better user experience.
  • Split mode: By using L/R splitting adapter, you can pre-listen to the tracks as real DJs do.
  • You may turn this feature ON/OFF to meet your requirement.
  • Improved user interface. Floating controller is added on top of turntables. It can be shown by tapping the rightmost of the menu when a turntable is shown.
  • On a floating controller you can see 1) cross fader on top, 2) split mode toggle button, 3) monitor channel selector button.

What's new video for 3.0 is available on YouTube.

Once you have downloaded the app, please take a few moments to rate this application on the AppStore. We'd love to hear stories of how much you enjoyed this app

Screen Shots:


Developer/Publisher: Sanken System Co Ltd.
Price of Application: $4.99 [BUY NOW]
App Support: Click Here
Website: Click Here
App Release Date: 17/02/2010
Languages: English, Japanese
Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
Hardware/Software Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and requires os software 3.0 or later. For using monitoring mode, a splitter cable is required.

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Giveaway Ended

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