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iFootball Online - Apple iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad App Promo Codes to Giveaway Twitter
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Apple iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad app promo codes to giveaway for the Games app iFootball Online courtesy of Piotr Hellstein, register if you haven’t already done so or log in to enter this giveaway and we will randomly select 25 people and email an app promo code to you.

If you also leave a comment below saying why you should have this app or create a link back to this post from other sites on the internet you will be given added priority to receive an app promo code.  This Giveaway ends on the 27th September 2010, Good Luck!

iFootball Online - play IN REAL TIME with LIVE players!!! Choose the interface language from English, Polish and German. Learn the rules with animated tutorial. Register an account and upload image as your own avatar. Create tables and invite players to fight with you. View other players profiles, browse through their statistics and reviews. Add players to your friend list to easilly know what is their current status. Send in-game messages to players. Play offline with computer and choose one of three difficulty levels. Play with your friend on one iPhone


  • Every game is different and there is no winning strategy
  • If you are not playing on 3G or WIFI, you may switch off avatars to lower the transfer
  • You may enter any ongoing match, become a spectator and chat with other players currently at the table
  • Use auto-rematch to quickly start another match with the same player
  • iFootball Online doesn't require multitasking. If you receive a call, you have time to say a few words. When you finish the game will automatically resume the ongoing match
  • When somebody disturbs you in your match with sending chat messages, kick him from the table - he won't be able to come back for 5 minutes. You can later on write a review on his wall, so that others know what you think about his behaviour
  • Every month there is a reset of rankings and the best 100 players get to the Hall of fame
  • There is seperate friends ranking, which you can use to see who of your buddies is currently the best 
Additional Information:
  • Every uploaded avatar has to get accepted by administrators
  • Administrators may ban any account - because of offensive nicknames or rude behaviour 
Future Updates:
  • Support for other languages
  • Addition of another computer level
  • Gameplay over WIFI and Bluetooth
Once you have downloaded the app, please take a few moments to rate/review this application in the AppStore. We'd also love to hear stories of how much you want or even enjoyed this app so do leave a comment below 

Screen Shots:


Developer/Publisher: Piotr Hellstein
Price of Application: $0.99 [BUY NOW]
App Support: Click Here
Website: Click Here
App Release Date: 01/08/2010
Languages: English, German, Polish
Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
Hardware/Software Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

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Giveaway Ended

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