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Apple iPhone and iPod Touch app promo codes to giveaway for the games app Artag15 courtesy of Artag Tech, register if you haven’t already done so or log in to enter this giveaway and we will randomly select 40 people and email an app promo code to you. This Giveaway ends on the 11th August 2009, Good Luck!

The classic puzzle game of 15 tiles. Touch the tiles to re-arrange into the correct order. It's a must have casual game. For all ages from 8 to 88..... It's a fast paced game. Easy and simple!


  • Timer Touches counter.
  • Sound on/off. Timer on/off.

Screen Shots:


Developer/Publisher: Artag Tech
Price of Application: $0.99 [BUY NOW]
App Support: Click Here
Website: Click Here
App Release Date: 06/08/2009
Languages: English
Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
Hardware/Software Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices. iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.0 Ready

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Giveaway Ended

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