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Apple iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad app promo codes to giveaway for the Finance app Stock Spy courtesy of, register if you haven’t already done so or log in to enter this giveaway and we will randomly select 47 people and email an app promo code to you.

If you also leave a comment below saying why you should have this app or create a link back to this post from other sites on the internet you will be given added priority to receive an app promo code.  This Giveaway ends on the 12th July 2010, Good Luck!

Now more than ever you need to be on top of what is happening with your investments... Stock Spy simplifies tracking stock news for the stocks you follow and allows you to viualize how the news affects stock prices with NewsCharts!

With Stock Spy you can automatically load several top quality RSS news feeds for each of the stocks you're tracking. This provides you with more complete information when making your important investment decisions. Stop losing money because you're not getting all the important news & information about your stocks. Say goodbye to wasting time by manually checking several news websites and still not getting the whole picture on your stocks. Start making more money because you have the information to make smart trades.

NewsChart technology shows you how the news volume changes over time. As you flick through the news articles the NewsChart which appears above the news list highlights the currently active bar for the visible news items in the news list. This means if you find a day which had interesting price change (like a big pop or drop) you can easily find out what news was "driving" the stock. We have taken this great innovation we call NewsCharts from Stock Spy for the desktop (available on PC & Mac! See more details at and brought it to the iPhone!

With recent volatility in the global financial markets access to timely investment information is a necessity. With Stock Spy on the iPod touch & iPhone this information is at your fingertips.


  • iOS 4 & Multitasking Support! New beautiful high resolution app icon for iPhone 4.
  • New Intraday Charts above the News List! In addition to daily bar charts a new intraday chart is now available alongside useful quote data. Also, we have added a new swipe interface which allows you to switch between the bar intraday charts.
  • New Tiny Intraday Charts in Symbol List! Gives a quick snapshot of the price action for every symbol in your list on one screen.
  • New Sortable Symbol List! Sort by %change or symbol. (This was a user request. Thanks for your great input!)
  • Many new fixes and improvements!

FUTURE UPDATES... We're always working on new features and StockSpy is regularly updated. Future updates will include dynamic symbol bookmarks & portfolio tracking features and much much more!

Once you have downloaded the app, please take a few moments to rate/review this application in the AppStore. We'd also love to hear stories of how much you want or even enjoyed this app so do leave a comment below 

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Price of Application: $9.99 [BUY NOW]
App Support: Click Here
Website: Click Here
App Release Date: 11/12/2008
Languages: English
Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
Hardware/Software Requirements: iPhone OS 3.1+ Supports iOS 4

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Giveaway Ended

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